Wednesday, December 14, 2011

True life Mason! Nov. 14th

Hi family,
 I guess I´ll still email you guys today...even though the only person to email me was my sweet grandma Bowen. (I hope nothing horrible happened or I´ll feel really bad). Anyways. I still love you all...for now. ;)
 So, this week was adventurous. I think my new favorite thing to do is find people to teach. We came across a lot of crazies this week and a lot of good people to teach as well, but the crazies seem to always stick out more.
 We went to the police station to return an ID Card we found on the street and ended up talking to a cop in the office for 2 hours. His name is Luis Manuel de Vilaça. He sang us gospel songs and told us how much he loved his kids and wants to meet a good woman of the gospel. When he started to sing, he told us he wasn´t embarassed and just belted it...he actually sang really well, but it was hard not to laugh at the whole situation. So...that was fun.
 DAD! I have the best story for you! I know a Mason! I true life Mason. He´s in our Ward. His name is Dimas. We had lunch at their house Saturday and it was the best lunch conversation I´ve ever had. Dimas and Ivone are so funny and so cool. They are a couple in our ward, I think they´re in their mid fifties. As we were eating and cracking up because I asked Dimas if he wanted to be the President of a Mission and he said, `No. I want to be Presidente of the Church´ And then he began to tell us his ideas..´if I were President of the Church...´  Super funny. Then his wife, Ivone said, ´Did you know we´re not sealed in the temple? And its not because we haven´t had the chance. Dimas doesn´t want to get sealed.` All of us laughing, I told him if they´re not sealed he can´t be a God one day, he´ll just be an angel and Dimas replied, ´An angel REALLY cool.` Hahaah. We were laughing so hard. Then Ivone began to tell us about a wedding they went to that was a Mason wedding and Dimas was dressed in his Mason clothes (don´t know what those are) and had a sword and Ivone just laughed and laughed the whole reception. She said she knows all the Mason secrets because Dimas talks in his sleep and answers her questions. How hilarious is that!?! Surreal?! I told Dimas my dad loves studying about the Free Masons and our forefathers and Dimas thinks dad is a Mason now. But he told us a few things about them. He said all the things we´ve heard about Masons and the Church is true. And that they only do good things. And a lot of their ceremonies are a lot like the temple. But the whole not wanting to be sealed thing is just Dimas. Ivone said when he dies she´s just going to get sealed to someone else and lock him out of the Celestial Kingdom. I LOVE THESE PEOPLE. So...I know a Mason.
 We found a few great families we´re teaching and praying that they are the elect of the Lord. A few of our progressing investigators have that´s putting things off course...dang dengue! I guess now is the season of dengue. Fun, fun. But, we´re just working hard and trying to follow every whispering of the Spirit. Super simple things like, knock here. Talk to them. And it seems to be working. I love being this close to the Spirit!
 Other than that life is good. It was cool and rainy this week. My umbrella broke so Saturday I got drenched, but Presidente and Sister Araújo had an extra they gave me of an Elder that left it. Miracles happen!!!
 Today our Zone is Hiking Morro do Moreno (Hill of the Brown Man, I think?) Hopefully its worth it. I just wanted to sleep at home, but Sister Owens wants to, I´m learning every day how to be a better wife and mother. Good thing. I think I really needed it! Love you Guys!

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