Monday, June 20, 2011

I'm In Brazil!

1st Letter from Brazil... On Wednesday, June 15th, 2011
Hello everyone. just to start off my grammer and punctuation will be terrible because this keyboard is in portugues. anyways. how goes it? hope you are all doing good. grandma bowen emailed me about the cabin and the fire and such. sounds fun....but....i~m in brazil! yup. truth. or verdade, as we say here. so the São paulo ctm is completely different than provo. its really laid back and easy going and kind of annoying if youre planning on learning. the teachers are fun and awesome but they play around and easily get off task but its great. its a great change from provo.....did i mention i leave for the field on TUESDAY???? yes. because we~re getting a new mission pres they~re sending us a week early so it doesn~t get too crazy. so......thats crazy to hear the night that you arrive in brazil but i~m really really excited. i~m just ready to get out and start working for real! i haven~t met any north american sisters going to vitória yet so i bet ill have all brazilians comps until maybe im here long enought to train someone. so cool. my new district is amazing. its almost creepy how well i fit in here. elder spencer is dl and hilarious and amazing at the same time. elder pettitt, the one that hurt his ankle is here today but they still might not send him into the field for awhile. bummer. other than that life is life. we got to watch a dvd from provo of when dallin h oaks spoke at the mtc (the one i missed by a day). it was really good. i love hearing from the special witnesses of the Savior. OH. coolest part. duh. we went to the São paulo temple today. it was so gorgeous. we did an english session but part at the end was in portugues, except i did it in english. it was really neat to see that the gospel is the same every where! we have the truth. by the way, mom, have you talked to marilyn? how is she doing? in 4 minutes i will be walking the streets of são paulo. were eating with mauricio our teacher. i love him he talks like christopher walken and is a cute little chubby brazilian. hilarious. i~m excited. friday we~re going to a really busy part of são paulo to contact people. really awesome. pday i~ll be in the field. crazy!!! heres my address: sister kelsi kate johnson/brazil vitoria mission/rua joão baptista parra, 633/salas 1501/1502 / edf. enseada office, enseada do suá/ 29052-1213 vitoria-es brazil    .... the / are the next line, i cant figure out enter. love you guys so much, sister kelsi johnson!!!! ps the food here is hit and miss sometimes great sometimes not so great. its an adventure!!! as is life. love you guys!

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