Tuesday, May 31, 2011

My Visa is READY!

  My visa is ready but I don't know when I will actually be leaving for Brazil. I'll keep you posted and I've heard I can call you from the airport- we'll see.
     We have been going to the temple on our P-day- Wednesday's. We eat breakfast there, it is so good.  We have also been playing volleyball alot.  Me and elder Pettit (who is about as tall as me) make a pretty good team. He has "mad hops" as Bowen would say.  The Elders have finally figured out that I am a pretty good setter, so now they pass it to me to set them up for a spike. It has been fun.
     Thank you to Cindy, Eryn and my cousins Bridon and Danner for writing to me. By the way, Bridon and Danner you guys have great handwriting. Thanks also to Jenna for keeping up my blog.
     Russell M. Nielson came and spoke to us about obedience. Elder Anderson and Elder Nielson have both told us that we have the ability to call down the powers of heaven because of our callings as missionaries.
     Apparently the week before I got here Elder Scott came and blessed everyone here with the gift of tongues, so I guess I "missed the boat" on that one. Please pray for me to received it.
     I can't believe I have been here a month. I get scared when I think about going to Brazil, but I can't wait for the real work to begin. I can't wait to actually be teaching Real Brazilian people this wonderful gospel! So Amazing!

 Love you all, Kelsi

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