Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Johnsons Baby

All I hear about here is HP7. An Irmão fixed our shower this morning and said he was going to see it with his kids. The 2 cutest Brazilian girls you´ll ever meet. I think they´re on the same level as Lynlee & Ellee....just Brazilian. I can´t wait to watch it when I get back. Me and Sister Morales were joking we should call Presidente Araújo and ask him to go see Harry Potter because of all the gospel related metaphors in the movie. Voldemort = Satan. Harry goes to the Spirit World and comes back. The Liahona (Harrys snitch) Tell Melissa, she´ll get it!
But the work is going great! I emailed mom and grandma Bowen about our investigators. Its so amazing to see the work move along. Its booming here in Brazil. We´re not running to appointments like mom heard, but we could really use splits to double our work! One thing, I´m gonna do when I get home is spoil the Missionaries! Rides, food, anything they want because I know what its like.
We can listen to uplifting music. Our new Presidente changed the rules because it used to be only MoTab except on PDay anything uplifting. It´ll probably change back to MoTab during the week though beacuse of how Elders interpret seriously one Elder listened to Guns N Roses and told President Picket that is was uplifting to him...good ole Elders.
I can´t believe how many leaps and bounds Missions make you take. I can´t wait to see who I am when I am done with my Mission! Whenever you forget yourself to serve others you end up the more blessed one it seems like.
You´ll have to look up a Brazilian Hairdresser named Berto. I guess he´s really popular. He cut my hair today for free, because he´s a member and I´m a missionary. The perks huh? Also, I guess you need to put me on a Brazilian type Facebook called Orkut. So my ward members here and investigators can stay in contact with me. Whenever you have time. I know moms are crazy busy. By the way, are you pregnant? Just checking.
I can´t think of anything else specific I need. I have some shirts in my closet if they didn´t get sold I´d like. Those Target ones. They´re the same...white with grey polka dots and a plum colored one. You have the same kind I think. Other than that surprise me!
Thanks for writing. Don´t forget to tell my nieces how much I love them!!!! I love you guys too! Thanks for being great examples to me! LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU!!!!!!
Com amor,
Sister Kelsi Kate Johnson or Johnsons Baby as they call me the shampoo.

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