Friday, August 12, 2011

Silently Cracking Up

So, first of all I have to tell dad. The Stake Patriarch is in our ward and is so cool! He loves Pink Floyd and even invited us over for PDAY to watch David Gilmour Live at Albert Hall...seriously. But we had to turn him down, obviously. :( But he´s awesome. His name is Wilson. He was a hippie, left his home and lived on the streets for two years and everything! Awesome. Now he´s a Patriarch. This gospel is so cool.
Our Baptism for this Saturday fell.  Merisvaldo, the Baiano, we´re still working with. He has to quit smoking and we we´ll probably have to review all the lessons again. But he´s awesome and hilarious. We had asked him if he was reading the Book of Mormon and he said yes, but it didn´t sound very truthful so Sister Morales asked him if he read the part about the white  horse and he was like, Yeah, it was a pony né? We were laughing SO HARD, it was really funny. I guess you had to be there. Then he was making dinner and kept offering us stuff and all of a sudden he said I´m gonna go buyt you something to drink...and super fast he jumped on his bike and said to watch his food and he took off! SO we were left sitting alone in a Baiano´s house. Me and Sister Morales were cracking the silent cracking up this real? So funny! But he´s awesome, we just need to keep working with him! 
Sunday was amazing. It was testimony meeting and Isabella bore s powerful and simple testimony and Presidente Araújo was there. Perfect. The spirit was so strong in the chapel. So many people after Isabella bore their testimonies and mentioned her and the Sisters. It was so amazing. Indescribable!
So, I didn´t get transferred! I get to stay here! But I don´t know who my companion is yet, hopefully she´s ready to work hard because we have a lot of work to do!!! I´m so excited. I love this ward and this area!! 
Jenna - if you could get me Nathan Halls, Danielle Whipple and Alexa Betleys addresses that would be awesome. Facebook would probably work the best. And eanyone else that would like me to try to write them.
Other than that I´m working hard. Mission are really really really really hard but I keep on keeping on doing what I can...thats the key. Just keep going! I love you guys.

Sister Kelsi Kate Johnson

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