Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Another from May 4th, 2011

Sorry my email was so scattered and messy. We only get a half hour and a big red timer counts down on the corner of the screen. It’s very stressful.   J
   The MTC is amazing. Everyone is so friendly and loving. It’s Zion. My companion is Sister Dunow like I said, plus the other 2 sisters and 6 other Elders. We all get along great. Me and Elder Pettit quote movies all day too. Sunday we had mission conference with our MTC Presidency and a devotional that night. Both so uplifting. Between those we had Sacrament Meeting with our Branch (all Portugues speaking, but not all Brazil – some Mozambique (jealous!) and some Portugal.) I bore my testimony is Portugues. It was nerve racking, but great. Its really easy to face your fears here because everyone is doing it.
   Last night we had a devotional from Stanley G. Ellis of the seventy. Another great talk. On Sundays we get to watch a church movie. Sister Dunow and I watched the Testament – so good! But boy are the Elders 19! Everytime theres a kiss they: “Wooooo!” and whistle. So immature. Elders….
   Anyways. This letter is jumbled and crazy too. Sorry, We are way too busy to be homesick here – until I sit down to read your emails. I just think about how cute my neices are. Aw! I wanna punch ‘em. I have the sisters saying that now. Ha.
   Oh, We had our first TRC yesterday. We had to contact people in Portugues as they sat in ‘living rooms’ that are decorated for that purpose. Then we had to teach one of them the 1st lesson. Me and Sister Dunow did pretty great. Our first contact was a couple that had to be in their 80’s and the man spoke Portugues in his weak, soft voice – so cute!
   Anyways, I’m learning a TON! Super busy and life is amazing as a full time servant of the Lord!
Sister Kelsi Johnson   

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