Tuesday, May 3, 2011

First Letter Home

April 28, 2011
Querida familia! (Dear Family)

   Well, it is day 2 of the MTC and its amazing and overwhelming. But, overwhelming in the best sense! Like the temple. There is so much to learn so fast, but everyone loves you and wants you to succeed. Our mission president told us to write and tell you four things: 
1) Im here
2) I have food (good food!)
3) I love my companion
4) I love you all!
   And - guess what?! Its all true. My companion is Sister Dunow (do know). She is awesome. She'll start singing a song and I'll finish it. 
Everyone is so amazing here. I'm surprised the Lord hasn't translated it - probably because we have a work to do - and a lot of it. The Elders are insanely nice to us Sisters and if they don't open the door or something we politely remind them and they hop right to it! 
 Tell everyone I'm sorry if I don't write back. It's crazy here at the beginning. For instance, our 4 hour instruction class is only in portugues. Literally. We can speak English but our teacher speaks full on portugues, but we'll learn much better this way! Everyone, including leaders here, hear we are going to Brazil and tell us they're praying for our Visas. So thats nice. No one in our district is supposed to be in Provo - but you know there's a reason we are. 
 Tell D Macky Mo the food is good! Last night for dinner we had "Salisbury Steak" and an Elder from Idaho said, " Ah roast beef. They trick me every time." So that was funny. But the cafeteria is under construction so we get to choose from 1 meal instead of 3. Plus salads, wraps and cereal.

   So just pray, pray, pray I can receive the gift of tongues! I'll need it. The only thing I can think of to send me is pictures to put up of you guys. My room is bare! Anyways, sorry its not a lot. I love you all so, so, so much!!! 
                                                            Love, Sister Kelsi Johnson

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  1. How exciting! I think it's so amazing that we get to read all her letters. Prayers and love her way!