Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Another Week 9/5/11

I apologize that I am running behind on getting Kelsi's letters on here. I will get back on track!
From September 5th....

Hello everyone!
This week was kind of slow and boring, but at the same time a lot of things happened. So many things happen in one week on a mission its hard to put it all into one email, one day a week, but I´m trying.
So, I told you about Sister Nicásico and wanting to go home. Well, she stayed and the first couple of days was really hard, but she found her groove again and we´re back to doing the Lord´s work, His way on His Time. So that´s nice.
As I told you, we´re teaching a LOT of great people, but everyone´s baptisms fell except for the angel Carol. I have a stronger testimony now of weekly planning and planning with the Spirit because this last week we DID NOT plan with the Spirit and our week and our goals showed it. Yesterday was much better though, so our fruits will show it!
Carol, ah blessed Carol. She is a 14 year old girl we found ´batendo palmas´. (more or less knocking doors). She lives with her cousin right next to the chapel. She´s lived on her own since she was 12 and I think she´s been through a lot in her life. But she has accepted the gospel with open arms and can´t wait to get baptized. On Wednesday, we went to teach her about prayer or reading the scriptures and I felt like we should change it to the 3rd lesson about Faith, Repentance, Baptism, Gift of the Holy Ghost and Enduring to the End. I told Sister Powell and we changed it. As I taught about Baptism Carol´s face lit up and had the biggest smile I have ever seen her smile. Then, I explained about the Holy Ghost and she began to cry the happiest tears I think I´ve ever witness. I know she is a special spirit of our Heavenly Father and is going to be a great leader in the church...probably with young women. You never get used to daily miracles.
Other than that we´re teaching both of Phelipes brothers Marcelo and Pedro and Isabellas husband Geter. Geter is awesome. We haven´t even taught the Word of Wisdom and he´s already lessening his cigarettes and drinking. Also Pedro and Marcelo...and Phelipe. All the boys are going to be strong Priesthood leaders one day! I love this AREA!!!
Last night we had the priviledge to have a Fireside with our ward and the other Elders in our Districts ward with Presidente and Sister Araújo. It was really good. Us, the missionaries and the youth sang `Que Manhã Maravilhosa´(Joseph Smiths First Prayer) to the tune of Come Thou Fount. It was really good. Then Presidente and Sister Araújo spoke about their conversion stories...very cool. Me and Irmã Paulina sang the closing hymn as a duet ´É Tarde A Noite Logo Vem´(Abide With Me Tis Even Tide). Then Presidente and Sister Araújo took us home. Still as funny as ever. As we were walking to the car President stopped and turned to Sister Araújo and said, `Sister. Giff me da keyss.´ Then me and Sister Powell told him that she studied English in College and he needs us to teach him English, not the Elders and he said he´d like to have Sisters in his area....so that would be fun. We´ll see! President always remembers me because I email him in English and I taught him the word: amazing, because I use it a lot. So when I´m with him he uses it as much as he can. They´re both a crack up.
What else. I think thats pretty much it. Brazilian food is growing on me. I´m even experimenting with beans here and there. I ate some kind of casserole yesterday and I still can´t figure out what vegetable it was. The juice here is delicious! They literally just put fruit in a blender, add suger, strain the pulp and drink it....why didn´t we think of that?!
Also, my mosquito net broke two days ago, the first night was okay, but the night afterwards I had 10 mosquitos bites...on my face. I don´t know why they love my face. Whyy??? But we got it back up last night and somehow I woke up with two bites on my forehead. Mosquitoes are so weird. Its weird to think that while I´m sleeping I have these insects just buffeting on my face, lip, eye. So weird. But this is a mission! And I love it!
Sister Kelsi Kate Johnson
Fica firme família amado! Eu te amo muito!!!

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