Sunday, October 23, 2011

October 3rd, 2011

Hello everyone! How are you? 
(side note, the s and the e on the computer are not really working so if I miss a letter its one of those) :)

First, Conference was amazing right?! Yes, I got to watch all of the sessions and all in Português - it was so good. A lot about families and the Atonement and really, those are the to central points of this gospel. Families Forever and The Atonement. Did Jeffrey R Holland talk during Priesthood because I didn´t see him during the other sessions - sad, but all of them are great! What happened to Robert D Hales, it looks like him and Richard G Scott traded places. I love the spiritually fulfilling experience that conference is!

So, this week was a lot like last week. Lots of ups and downs, but thanks to my Heavenly Father I have a new perspective attitude and I´m doing my best through the hard times and I know I will be a better wife, daughter, sister, aunt and mom because of it! 
I carry a picture of my family in my scriptures and when we eat with members or teach invetigators sometimes they want to see my family, so I always have it. 3 times now, women have called dad ´´gatão´´ or ´´bonitão´´  They use gato here as like he´s hot and bonito is handsome - but when they use âo ending its like saying ´really really´ . . . so congrats mom . . . your husband is really good looking. I just wish they´d tell you and not me because I never know what to say....thank you? Haha.
We have an investigator that sells coconut water. Literally. They have stands here that sell you juice straight from the coconut. After our lesson she just cut open a coconut, poured it into a cup and gave it to me. I didn´t like it that much, but how cool is that?! I LOVE BRAZIL!
Sister Nicáscio did a contact the other day and after saying bye she told the lady, ´em nome de Jesus Cristo, amem.´ We have a LOT of hilarious experiences like that everyday. Its really funny. Me and Sister Owens currently can´t get through a hymn without cracking up....I don´t even know why! Ah, missions.
We had an awesome Sisters Training with the APs and Pres and Sis Araújo. It was really good. A cool thing that Pres said was I will not receive any blessings from my mission until I get home, because all the blessings I receive here will be for the work of the Lord. I though that was really cool. Also, afterwards...let me tell you how awesome of a mission dad I have. I was having a hard time that day and weeks ... as you all know ... so I asked Pres to give me a blessing. He led me into his office told me to sit down, asked my full name and blessed me with exactly what I was needing blessings for! I grew an even bigger testimony of the servants of God and how He will inspire them to help others in their time of need. 
Other than that the work keeps moving. We´re teaching a lot of husbands of members still and its going great. Its awesome because they already have a base of the gospel, Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon. The work keeps moving onward and I´m so thankful everyday that I am a part of it! You can imagine my smile in conference everytime somebody mentioned missionaries! Just to the The Prophet of the Lord is praying for ME! What an honor! My goal is to do all I can to make my Father in Heaven proud...and my family at home of course!

Thanks for your love and support! I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH! 
Kelsi Kate Johnson


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