Sunday, October 23, 2011

What the ???? !!

Happy Birthday to Me!!

We had a Super P Day and got to watch RIO!

Thanks for all of your emails! They were all really great to get! I printed out the good stuff and I´ll be putting it in my hymn book of art!!! Love the pictures Jenna, the girls are getting so darn cute and all the stories I hear about them are hilarious! I need to hear more about this personality that Ellee has! 
Mom, so my package. The only other things I can think of is a journal, peanut butter and I need pictures of Arizona...especially if you can find the ones of us at Fossil Springs on the computer. People always ask me what Arizona is like and all I can say is hot. I got nothing. :D My hand is fine. Sister Owens makes fun of me and says I have leprousy...but its all good. For Christmas when I call, I don´t know anything. All I know is we go to a members house and I guess you guys call me...but last year Sister Owens Skyp´d her family...which would be cool...but when I know, you´ll know. :D
This week was kind of slow. We´re still working with all of our investigators. Adriana is still elect and we´re going to start teaching her kids too. I love how perfect the gospel is and how it applies to everyone because its the gospel of the Lord! I´ve been learning a lot about the Children of Isreal, strangely enough, mainly because the Patriarch is in our Ward and he´s obsessed with Israel. If we have a lesson about charity, he teaches about Israel, if we have a lesson about honesty, he teaches about Israel...this week was special because the lesson was on...I don´t know how to say it in English...the reuniting of Israel? Coligação in Português. So this morning I read about Moses and the Children of Israel. Its so cool to learn about the deeper principles of the gospel...especially because we teach so simply every day. Sometimes its just nice to read Jesus The Christ and go deep. :D Patriarch Wilson says, The greatest proof that God lives is: ISRAEL! Hahahaha. Anyways....
Me and Sister Nicáscio got into a huge fight...I hit the wall a few times...I think I have a bit of Bowen in me...but being servants of the Lord we repented and forgave each other the next day. I decided what my problem is. I´ve discovered how important my mission is and how much it means to me, it´s really sacred to me and to see her just pack her bags and want to leave (because she did it again) makes me so sad, to just give up...but I figured it out, its her way to throw a fit (she packs her bags, I punched a wall). This might not be very missionary like to write home about but I´m trying to be real. But seriously. All is well now and I KNOW without a shadow of a doubt that I am learning how to have a better marriage and better family with this companionship. I´m learning more about patience and humility than I could ever learn another way. 
Something funny, that´s also not very missionary like, but it brightens up my day sometimes is Sister Nicáscio learned how to say, ´What the hell´ from an investigator that heard it in a song. We told her what it meant and she knows its not good, but she likes to say it and its always at the perfect time. Like when Sister Owens walks way ahead of us she´ll say ´Sister Owens. What the hell?´ Its terrible, but really funny.
Okay, sorry, enough of that. Everything is going good so far. I´m healthy, wealthy and wise and learning so much. I literally would not trade my mission for ANYTHING!!!! Everything people have said about missions I´m starting to understand. Its so true. The Best Two Years....but that doesn´t even begin to describe it! 
Thanks Carolee for writing me too! Its good to hear about your family. Bailee is dating? I can´t believe it!! She better not be married before I get home....we´ll see! Talon will find something he likes to do..I still don´t know what I like to do..besides preach the gospel of course! 
Dalls, get my email right! I need to hear from you too! Keep going to mission prep, even though you feel like the outcast. I felt like the outcast too. I went for a year and was the only girl, ever. Talk about outcast, always talking about Elders and the priesthood! Hahaha. No, but you´ll learn a lot! I was bummed that they didn´t put that new teacher in sooner!!! Cheer up Dals. 3 years isn´t that bad...especially when you´re on your mission. You won´t even be thinking about´ll be way too busy! Just work on becoming a better you/future missionary every day! I love you and I miss you, but we´ve got a work to do!!!

Thanks everyone for your love and support! You will never know how much it means to me! (unless you served a mission...then maybe).
Sister Kelsi Kate Johnson
P.S. for Lynlee: Love you. Love you more. You do. I do. Woohoo!!! 
P.S.S. JENNA. In those pictures I got in my package...what is the one with Lynlee on the elephant crying and Jared sleeping or something...I need to hear this story!

 Every missionaries secret  :0)

My Desk vs...

My companions desk.

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