Sunday, October 23, 2011

October 10, 2011 with Pictures!

Hi Family!
It was so good to get all your emails this week! Especially Bowen´s! It´s so good to hear from you, even though I know you are busy getting ready to have another baby!!! Woo hoo! I like Hayden Mac or is it Hayven Mac...either way...I like Mac better. But if its Heyven Dallin it would be HD and that is also Harley Davidson...soooo hmmmm. :D Holy crap. I can´t believe it about Layla, that is terrible! And yes, Jenna, I saw a newspaper about Steve Jobs. Its weird when I see stuff like that in passing and realize how detatched I am from the world. A member of our ward told me yesterday that a bunch of gays protested outside of BYU - what horror! Its funny in Brazil when you talk about the goings on of the world every one just says, ´Jesus is coming´. I love it! 
So. This week. We got a reference from a member of the most elect woman I´ve ever met. Her name is Adriana. She has a son thats 15 and a daughter that´s 8. We taught her Saturday and she accepted being baptized the 29th of this month. She came to church Sunday. Loved it (even with the class being about the Gathering of Israel). We taught her about the BofM Sunday and she´s already begging to feed us lunch. We told her that if a members lunch ever fell through we´d call her. She´s super excited and super awesome. My testimony of references is growing. We spent about 3 days knocking doors this week, in the hot sun, and NO ONE wanted to hear our message. But one reference, from one memeber and we have a baptism! Give references to the missionaries!!!!
It rained about 4 days out of 7 last week. It was really great, and cool, because summer is coming and its getting HOT! But I fell twice. First time was just funny. Second time, I caught myself with my hand and I have some weird blister infection...but its getting better! No worries! 
Its funny. You know how you have some days when you just can´t talk? It happens the same with me in Português. I was talking to a lady on the street the other day about our message of the restored gospel and she said, ´He´s the only way.` - - - pause - - - com in Português means with, we have two saying here. ´Com liçensa´ is like ´excuse me´ and ´Com certesa´ is like ´exactly´ or ´of course´ - - - I meant to say ´Com certesa´ but instead I said ´com liçensa´. Sister Owens and Sister Nicàscio were a little ways away cracking up as I tried to finish my contact without laughing. So funny. But, my Português is improving every day. I had a lady the other day that thought I was from Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil! Always a confidence boost!!!
I´m having a great time here this transfer. We´re learing to have fun and be joyful as we work hard! I love it! So many funny experiences and so many miracles too. Its amazing to see as a missionary how fast and easily our prayers are answered. Especially with lunch. It seems like every day I pray for something to eat...our members made it! Heavenly Father wants his missionaries fed good! But with summer coming I´ll have to eat less so I can walk in the sun and function. But its going to be awesome!!!
Thanks for your emails and your love and your prayers! I love you all so so so so much! You´re the best family ever. Isabella bore her testimony yesterday that she has the best family ever and I wanted to get up and say, Correction. I have the best family ever...but I figured it would ruin the Spirit. 

Sister Kelsi Kate Johnson

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