Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Still catching up... September 12th 2011

Oi Família!

Thanks for all your birthday wishes. I was thinking, this is my first birthday away from home, but it´ll be an adventure! My party sounded great. I got the pictures of the girls Jenna sent but the video didn´t work. Lynlee´s hair is so long and they are both getting so big! SO weird!!! I won´t know who they are when I get home. Its weird to think, I will spend my whole age of 22 years old on a mission. Kinda cool. Cool that Dallin got kept on. I knew he had the hard work gene somewhere! Its funny you mentioned calling for Christmas, mom. You don´t work on Christmas right? Because I don´t know how it works if you´re not home and I will need to talk to my mommy on Christmas! But, all will work out. It will be weird to speak English because I can write and type in English fine, but speaking is rough. Me and Sister Powell try to have 15 minutes of English to teach Sister Nicáscio and it is awful. We can´t do it. So funny.

I haven´t gotten the package yet, but I haven´t gotten mail this transfer because we haven´t had a Zone Conference or Meeting with the President and he is the one that distributes it...so maybe next week at transfers. Also, DAD, can you get me President Andersons address or email? I want to write him in Portuguêse so he can start practicing now! :D
I love hearing that people still remember me. That´s always nice. I can barely remember quotes from Dumb and Dumber. Its so weird. Its like not being able to use a part of your body. But its good for me. Replacing movie quotes with Português and scriptures.

This week was good. Its starting to heat up and become summer (varão). Scary. I have a wicked heat rash (put that in the blog!) But I love the heat, I just don´t love hugging people when I´m all sweaty and we hug every woman we meet. But. Vamos! Sister Nicáscio was looking at pictures that you guys sent me and said I have lost a lot of weight. I can never tell, but numbers don´t lie. So thats cool. I´m going to come home skinny and tan without even trying. :) But the food here is really good, its just not good to eat a lot when you walk as much as we do and with it getting so hot. I still haven´t really had to eat beans, but when I do they aren´t that bad. I was craving tacos with cheese sauce this week, so bad that my mouth was watering. Haha. Missions. Me and Sister Powell ate a X-Tudo (pronounced: sheess toodoo) its a hamburger with meat, tomatoes, cheese, corn, green corn, batata palha (basically Ruffles chips crumbs), lettuce, egg, bacon, and some sauces I´m pretty sure cause heart blockages. It was good, but a little much. I think just the X-Bacon is good on its own. Ah, Brazilian food is so good! I´m going to start taking pictures of more of the food I eat so you guys will understand better.

This last Saturday we had one baptism, for Carol. She is so perfect. We helped her change into her jumpsuit thing and as she was walking back to the room she started to cry, happy tears. I just hugged her and told her to remember this feeling forever. It was a perfect baptism. I don´t think there is such thing as an imperfect baptism. I sang a solo, I Like To Look For Rainbows (Quando Eu For Batizado) because the Bispo made me. This ward loves me and I love them! Transfers are next week! I hope I stay again, but whatever the Lord wants!
Another miracle happened. We´ve been teaching Isabella´s husband and daughter Julia. Geter is ready for baptism he just needs to quit smoking. But we´ve been having problems with Julia because she´s a rebellious 12 year old and I think didn´t want to get baptized just because her mom wanted her too. But after Carol´s baptism she told Sister Powell, ´Agora, só falta meu batismo.´ (Now we´re just missing my baptism). Sister Powell said What? And Julia said, `Sim, eu quero batizar. Posso fazer próximo Sábado?´ (Yes, I want to get baptized, can I next Saturday.) We of course said yes and Irmaõ Sylvio even announced it in Sacrament Meeting. I am so thankful the Spirit touched her heart and helped her make this decision that will change her life! Isabella was so excited when we told her, because Julia didn´t want to tell her. This family is so special. I can´t wait to see them go through the temple, because that is fullness of joy right there! I thought I had fullness of joy when I saw an Irmaõ in São Paulo that looked and sounded just like Nacho Libre give Elder Hanson an Anaconda Squeeze, but I think this is better.

Besides this my week was pretty normal. Normal companion struggles, awkward lessons, meeting elect people every day, doing the Lords work in Brazil. I love it!!!! Thank you all for your love and support! I love hearing from you every week. Its true what all missionaries say, even if they don´t respond they love letters! SO TRUE! It keeps us all moving forward! Sorry, this was kind of a rambling letter.

Sister Kelsi Kate Johnson

P.S. Be sure to tell me or ask me things you want to know and I´ll try to respond,
I never know what to say. :D

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